An Open Letter To All Aspiring Animators


Dear Young Animators,

Make Animated VR Films.

Your Future


Okay, let me explain.

In August of 2016 I came across a video from Oculus Story Studio. I had heard of Animated-Pixar-Esque VR films being made, but I hadn’t actually looked into it until then. I literally had chills going down the back of my neck. Dramatic? Yes. But this was exactly what I had been searching for, this was a new medium that combined the best part of film: story. With immersion like nothing we’ve ever experienced.

I knew I had to do everything in my power to jump on the train before it took off.

What followed next was three months of overnighters; research, planning, animating, brand building, and finally releasing on Steam.

I’m not telling you this to give myself a pat on the back, I’m telling you this because literally anyone can make VR Films in their bedroom.¬†

With the free tools available today; Unreal Engine, Blender it’s more accessible now than ever. You don’t even need an Oculus or Vive to get started. There’s a giant market for mobile VR experiences on the Google PlayStore and IOS, allowing you to distribute pretty easily if you’ve made your film in Unreal Engine.

So please. For the love of all that is good. Get on the train now, experiment with VR Filmmaking, see if you like it.

We need more animated VR filmmakers while the industry is small, to shape the stories that will be told tomorrow.

– Jak

(Want to see the full production pipeline of an Animated VR Film? Read this)

Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Jak is a full-time Creative Director at HeyJoeCoffee and part-time founder at StudioDisrupt.